Impressions of Natural Substrates

Motivation and challenges

By studying natural models, the basis for the necessary substrate design is to be developed. Measuring the multi-faceted and complex substrate topologies on site, however, is time-consuming and can often only be performed inaccurately. In particular, the investigation of angle, ridge or niche formations, for example, requires a method that makes a comprehensive examination of such difficult-to-access surface structures possible.

Project insight and perspectives

In order to obtain a multi-layered and actionable data basis for the targeted evaluation and analysis of the surface properties of the substrates, silicone impressions are taken of various substrates at different locations. Through the detailed mapping of the structures, anchoring possibilities for spores and moss fragments can be investigated or niches in which water can accumulate can be detected. In the further course of the project, the impressions of the substrates will be examined microscopically and digitised and analysed using 3D scanning technology.